About Us

About Us

La Funeraria Paz has been the leader in the memorial care industry since 1900. It has been a place where families pay their last respects and honor their departed loved ones. With this comes a huge responsibility as we incessantly provide memorial services according to the personal needs of the family with empathy.

For over a century, La Funeraria Paz has continued to innovate and adapt to the trends of time with top-notch viewing facilities. It has also continuously delivered excellent services throughout the decades.

Passion and dedication to serve and the growing need for professional memorial services has paved the way for the construction of La Funeraria Paz-Sucat in the South of Metro Manila in 2002.


A venue for grief relief

La Funeraria Paz – Sucat is a venue for grief release because we understand that farewells are symbolic, and are an important part of the healing process after a loss.


A meaningful tribute for your loved one

La Funeraria Paz – Sucat embodies true compassion and dedication to the needs of the bereaved family, guiding them in making important decisions and creating a meaningful tribute for the final journey of their departed loved one.

As we know the pain of losing a loved one, we commit ourselves to easing the burden by taking on the intricacies and details of preparing a dignified passage.


To establish a tradition of dignified and excellent memorial service with compassion and dedication to serve when nobody else can, and to ease the pain and burden of families going through the loss of a loved one.