A memorial tribute for your loved one

What is distinct of our services is that we listen to your needs and preferences in order to guide you in making an important decision for the final journey of your departed loved ones.

Memorial Packages

Interment or Burial Package

Traditional way of honoring the passage of our departed loved ones. The wake is held in our viewing chapel where families and friends gather to celebrate the life lived and to finally say their goodbyes. Sendoff and conveyance from the earthly path to the final resting place.

Cremation Package

Fulfilling a last wish of our departed loved. The wake is held for the viewing of his mortal remains prior to cremation or, the remains is cremated followed by the viewing of the ashes or cremains.

Outside Viewing Package

The viewing may be held outside of our mortuary chapel at the preference of the family which may be in a church mortuary chapel, religious place, residence, barangay facility, resort or at any place significant to the family of the deceased. This brings your departed loved one’s closer to the people he cared and loved.

Other Services

Floral Arrangement

Flowers has been a traditional and staple expression of sympathy and respect while it also beautifies and lightens the viewing place as it also reflects a sign of support and sharing the burden of grief.

Mass / Mass Cards

A loving tribute to bring solace and consolation to the bereaved family of their departed loved one with spiritual based prayer cards.

Photo & Video

Captured moments thru photos and video are treasured memories of your loved one that last for generations.

Butterflies / Balloons

Memorial tributes to celebrate the life lived that signifies transformation to a new life and hope. Symbolic and therapeutic is seen as a release of grief and emotion.

Motorcycle Escorts

Nothing dignifies that final journey to pass thru the busy thoroughfare of the metropolis.


We have accredited well known and experienced caterer’s to provide you and your guests for on-site and off-site services.


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